Sunday, October 9, 2022

TW11 - Cast Announcement

On the Subject of Socks
Cast Announcement

Elias Kaplan

Sylvie Kressel

Adin Joseph

Cass Beleele

Marissa Margolin

Ania Leonardo

Aspen Trout

Orie Zadok

Marina Rose Morton

Joeyy Whitaker

Addison Feld-Gore
Eden Evans
Ella Higgins
Elsie Rainka
Oliver Villarreal

Congratulations to you - this is an exceptional ensemble of talented young actors, and we will no doubt have a blast bringing this new musical to the stage!

You may know that some roles had been defined as "speak-singing" roles. This is no longer the case. All of the roles will now be singing roles with some major score reworking to cater to your individual voices. Exciting!!!

Please go back to your audition packets (if you've lost it, click HERE). Look at the 4 Mandatory Musical Workshop Dates, and the rest of the schedule. Though we will consider minor conflicts, it is important that you clear your calendars now as much as is possible. Should a cast member suddenly present with major conflicts, we will have to consider recasting. 

As always, reach out if you have any questions.

And for those who did not get cast, I want to say again what a joy it was to work with you during the audition process. I have great compassion for the disappointment many may be feeling, but please...once you've processed that, keep moving forward with your creativity and talent - there will be so many other opportunities - and you all have such immense potential!!!

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